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Seasonal Gifts

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Whether you're bringing Thanksgiving dessert, filling Easter baskets, planning a Halloween party or Baby Shower, preparing a college care package, celebrating Mother's Day or choosing Valentine sweets for your sweetheart, Toffee Talk is always in season.

Our packing is all recyclable or reusable - the sturdy metal tins can store anything from nuts and bolts to costume jewelry!


"I recieved my Toffee Talk as a gift, and what a wonderful, delicious surprise! A true reflection of the wonderful person who thought of me." - Charlene H.

"When someone asks me whats your favorite type of sweet; Toffee Talk immediately pops into my head!It's not just the taste, but the texture is amazing also!" - Jennifer L.

"Catherine's toffee is fabulous! I plan to share with my family as gifts during the upcoming holidays! A wonderful gift for all occasion." - Gabriela R.